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Providing the Next Phase

Elitez & Associates is a regional outplacement, and career transition firm focused on strengthening our client’s image during transformational phases such as change management or right-sizing.

Career Transition & Outplacement Coaching Services

In Elitez & Associates, our presence today are build by highly experience coaches to support career transition regionally covering 30 offices in Asia region. Our method is practical and localized to meet the standard of deploying and smoothly transitioning employees from your organization
This allowing you communicate effective and well structure position and practice about treating employees with respect during dignity and respect  difficult times.

Elitez & Associates’s career transition services solutions 

  • Offering support at a time of vulnerability
  • Supporting and assisting the employees to develop a clear, considered plan for their next career move
  • Prepare them well for effective interviewing
  • Up to date employment outlook
  • Effective using social media to expand their perimeter
  • 500 offices access worldwide thru our NPA Networks
  • Strengthening your organisation’s image both internally and externally
  • Protecting your brand and reversing negative publicity or perceptions of employees

Elitez & Associates delivers leading-edge career transition and outplacement solutions that don’t just help departing employees find new jobs, Through in-person, virtual, blended learning or group programmes, we help individuals focus on their next move and develop the skills to achieve their career goals.

Our flexible coaching and learning programmes allow the departing employees receive guidance and support that aligns with their generational preferences, learning styles, career paths, and interests.
Our resources are developed by certified coaches with more than 30+ years of hand on real-time practical experience, the expertise and capability to support everything from the termination of a single employee to a mass restructuring.
Our program highlights
Pre-retirement coaching
Individual counselling & consulting
Effective Interview Preparation
Career transition management (Career Alternatives)
Career and Self Assessment
Compensation Package Negotiation
Entrepreneurship preparation (Start-Up guide)
Relocating Opportunities

Our experienced and skilled teams are dedicated to assisting you with outplacement services across Asia. To find out more from our specialist, please contact us for a confidential discussion

Executive Search

An Executive Search strategy is a discreet, highly confidential search process targeted at those top performers who we feel has the expertise and track record to perform effectively for you.

The process involves a thorough research of the market availability involving the consultant approaching high performer at certain target companies or sectors.  Our resources and global networks allow you to gain access to potential candidates within the market who may be suitable for this role.

We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven search procedure and assessment process to help you find leaders who best fit your organization’s  needs


Succession Planning

An organization’s ability to stay relevant in fast-changing climate achieving growth and sustainability highly depend on the right leadership at the top. Our consultants advise on candidate assessment and the selection process with in-depth sector knowledge

Elitez & Associates is qualified to assist board members with the important and complex task of next leadership succession planning, helping organizations to develop a process that is effective.

Leadership Development

We believe organization need great leaders, aside from knowledge and experience the young future leader must be well prepared and willing taking on the future role

In Elitez & Associates, we created leadership programs for Corporate Finance and Human Resources that develop world-changing leaders. We believe in both functions their presence and ability to determine the organization future

Where other programs normally deliver standard modules, our programs help the most senior of leaders or future leaders to make a step-change bringing their best.

The capacity to realize their potential requires a deep understanding of where they are now/ future for them to reflect on the qualities that have accelerated and developed over the years. Their knowledge with an attitude a willingness to continue to excel and explore their individual traits, beliefs and assumptions will help to tackle the fundamental drivers of success – mindset and behaviours.

Our bespoke executive programs systematically identify limiting attitudes and behaviours, and leverage rare or unique qualities to unleash the full potential of those in top leadership roles. By supporting a greater sense of purpose, the programs also help these leaders to nurture the growth of their teams and ultimately the ability of an organization to transform.

Our coaches are highly respected in their profession with vast of experience regionally, real-time and live cases handling complex climate.

We will identify their baseline through assessment, work closely with advisers and coaches to accelerate their transformation development.

Speak to us to discover : edwin.tiah@elitez.com.sg